• Rose of Jericho

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    Artists live for those rare moments when everything lines up; when they gather the right songs and the right people in the right place at the right time, and find themselves and their music truly coming alive. Brigitte DeMeyer is experiencing just such a moment. Rose of Jericho is proof.

    Although this is album number five for DeMeyer, it also marks a trio of significant firsts: her first time taking the reigns as co-producer; her first time recording in Nashville since she made it her home; and her first time telling her stories of balancing motherhood and music. She’d built a solid foundation with her first four albums, collaborating with giants of the Americana world—world-class drummer and producer Brady Blade especially—and showing herself to have a wonderfully natural feel for country-steeped, blues-infused roots-pop, right down to her supple, peppery singing.

    Rose of Jericho, Brigitte DeMeyer
  • Red River Flower

    Vintage Guitar magazine calls it “blue eyed country soul”. Folks who love Americana, will enjoy the southern tinged instumentation, and soulful vocals. Features Buddy Miller and Al Perkins.

  • Something After All

    “No Depression” Magazine says about this album: “Producer Brady Blades’ thoughtful arrangements, built upon organic and atmospheric elements, provide the perfect setting for DeMeyer’s soulful vocals” and ethereal lyricism.

    Something After All
  • Nothing Comes Free

    It begins with a low, non-too-slow, sweet, Americana groove that’s joined by lyrics that are confessional, yet contain a universality that is inescapable.

    Nothing Comes Free
  • Another Thousand Miles

    High quality audio download of Brigitte’s debut album.

    Another Thousand Miles